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These are the committee assignments and priorities for the Summer of 2002.
Priority 1: Must-do for Summer 2002
Alumni Committee
Work: Guide search to find alumni names and addresses and enter them into the database.
Chair: Janet Woodward
Members: Jody Fueyo

Development Committee
Work: Define Campaign, identify donors, develop contact methods and follow-up, explain distinction between giving to endowment, annual fund, and specific group needs.
Chair: Judith Gille
Members: Lynn Greiner
Kim Lawler
Angela Smith

Governance Committee
Work: Research different types of foundation organization; make recommendations to Organizing committee for final decision on framework; write By-Laws.
Chair: Peter Byers
Members: Lynn Greiner
Lyn Keenan
Kim Lawler

Information Technology Committee
Work: Develop an alumni/donor database and web site to facilitate communications between the foundation and prospective donors and the Garfield community.
Chair: Ben Slivka
Members: [tbd]

Trustee Committee
Work: Identify candidates for Foundation trustee positions
Chair: Elisabeth Squires
Members: Katherine Triandafilou
Angela Smith

Priority 2: Nice-to-Have for Summer 2002
Communications Committee
Work: Develop strategies for initial press to find alumni (and identify ways for them to respond i.e. email addresses, websites, and mailing address) make a plan and commitment to keep the school community thoroughly advised during process.
Chair: [tbd]
Members: [tbd]

Priority 3: Not Necessary for Summer 2002
Event Committee
Work: Plan celebratory function for Foundation kick-off, tentative target date is Fall, 2003.
Chair: [tbd]
Members: Kim Lawler
Angela Smith

Legal Committee
Work: Do paperwork for Articles of Incorporation (non-profit status), 501(c)(3), bulk mailing permit.
Chair: [tbd]
Members: [tbd]

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